The ProAngle team is among the best in the industry. Co-Founders Jeff Proctor and Steve Rangel began the venture together after having worked together in sports television for more than a decade.  Proctor won a number of Emmy Awards as a producer at Fox and KCAL/KCBS before leading both of those sports divisions.  Rangel has also won Emmy Awards in his role as an executive at ProAngle and, prior to that, as general manager at AEG Teleworks.  The production staff includes long-time ProAngle veterans producer Eric Hebert and director Jon McKelvey.  The office and travel is managed by Grace Sanchez.

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Jeff Proctor

President & Co-Founder

Steve Rangel

COO/CFO and Co-Founder

Eric Hebert

Coordinating Producer

Jonathan McKelvey

Director/Technical Director

Grace Sanchez

Office Manager